Dad And 3 Sons Line Up On Stage, But The Judges Fight Back Tears When They Start To Sing


There are no stronger bonds on earth than the ones connecting loving families.

This is exactly what made the emotional performance below even more emotional for everyone in the Britain’s Got Talent arena, including Mr. Grumpy himself, Simon Cowell!

The Neales, a group consisting of a father and his three sons, already made an impact on the judges during their audition when they discussed the inspiration behind forming the family band. After dad Laurie’s heart attack 10 years ago, they all decided to focus on music they could make together.

So it’s no surprise that their choice of song, Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son,” struck a major chord with all of the judges sitting behind the panel.

It takes a lot to squeeze tears from Simon’s eyes, and even though he tries to deny that he cried, you can see his eyes are definitely watered up when the camera focuses on him following the heartfelt performance.

The song wasn’t the only poignant reason they were all so taken with the group. The Neales also brought along some old home videos to project behind them as they sang.

As you can imagine, if it’s enough to bring out the soft side of Simon, you’ll probably want to grab some tissues for yourself before hitting play on the clip below.

And be sure to Rasplove their beautiful performance with your loved ones!