Dachshund and her 6 puppies get their own photo shoot


If you have children, you know how important it is to capture all the special moments with photos. We need these photos to look back on and remember all the fun and special moments we had with our kids and to watch them grow and learn.
Who’s to say that dog parents don’t want to do the same?
One woman recently hired a professional photographer to capture photos of her pregnant dachshund. She wanted to remember her adorable pet when she was glowing and happy and ready to deliver her babies.

On the day of the photoshoot, the dog was very pregnant. She still looked adorable, even though her little pregnant belly was almost dragging the ground. She was dressed in a white dress, and just like with pregnant human moms, she was glowing and looked beautiful.


The dog’s owner, Monica Sanchez, explained her reason for the photo.
She said:

“I didn’t have dogs or puppies growing up. And I wanted my son to see that. I’m just really crazy about capturing moments.”

She didn’t just want maternity photos of her dog, though; she also wanted photos of the new babies. They were born a short time after the first photo, and the proud mama dog was posed with her six tiny pups.
To make things even more adorable, the puppies all had bonnets on their tiny heads.
The bonnets were made specifically for the babies. Sanchez happened to know someone who could crochet, so she asked her to help her come up with something special for the new puppies.

Sanchez said:

“A friend of mine crotchets and I told her, ‘You’ve got to help me make bonnets for them!’ We were told their heads were as tiny as gumballs. We just winged it, but it all worked out.


Each puppy got a special bonnet, and they look so cute all snuggled up with their mommy.
It’s truly an adorable photo and something Sanchez and her family will be able to cherish forever. The photographer behind the adorable image is Belinda Schenk.

Schenk has photographed a lot of expectant mothers and new babies, but never dog families. She explained:

“In my mind, since I specialize in maternity and newborns, I’m thinking, ‘OK, another regular maternity session.’ But at the end, she said, ‘It’s actually for my dogs,’ and I wanted to laugh because I was shocked!”

Schenk was excited to give it a try.
Maybe photographing dogs and puppies wouldn’t be so bad after all. She decided that she was going to make this a photoshoot to remember. She even bought the dog’s dress and some props to help make the photos better. She said:

“I had never done a dog shoot before, and I was excited to do so.”

She was happy with the photos, and so was Sanchez. They shared the photos online, and the internet went crazy for them. Who doesn’t love photos of newborn puppies or pregnant dogs? Schenk shared the photos on her blog, and within 24 hours, they had thousands of views. She explained:

“There has been an incredible response. Overnight over 100,000 had viewed her photo. I have had more inquiries on doggy sessions and will definitely do more in the future.”

Now that she has added the puppy photos to her portfolio, she can consider herself a professional dog photographer, as well.


This may have opened up a whole new business opportunity for Schenk. Everyone wants an adorable photo of their faithful friend.
The bonnets really are the icing on the cake for these photos. All puppies are adorable, but when you stick bonnets on their little heads, they become irresistible. Now that everyone had seen these photos, more people will be doing pregnant dog and newborn puppy shoots. Hopefully, we get to see a lot more photos of pregnant mommy dogs and cute puppies. There’s just nothing cuter!

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