Crowd Roars For Little Boy’s Impromptu Dance, Then Total Strangers Rush Up To Hand Him Money


As someone who was definitely born with two left feet, I can’t help but be impressed by anyone who has a natural talent for dancing.

That’s even more true when they show off their moves at such a young age, like the cutie in the video below.

The little boy was part of a crowd enjoying a popular Cuban rumba band’s performance on the street when he clearly felt the need to strut his own stuff. That’s when he totally stole the show!

In fact, everyone watching seems to completely forget about the musicians as the small fry shows off his incredible rumba techniques. I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s taken a class or two in his time.

But he doesn’t just earn applause: The folks around him actually start handing over their money and other gifts in praise of his spirited performance.

I have a feeling this rumba fan would have continued his routine whether or not they showered him with so much affection, though. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Dance like nobody’s watching, ” but I can say without a doubt that you’ve never seen someone put that into practice with quite as much joy as this amazing kid.

Take a look to see his out-of-this-world rumba routine for yourself and you’ll probably wish you’d been there in person, too.

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