Creative ways to use a shoe caddy at home


While most of us use a shoe caddy to store shoes, it turns out that it can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s a great tool to save space around the house and stay organized!

1. Water bottles taking up too much space?
If you have numerous thermoses and water bottles throughout your house, then use a shoe caddy to keep them organized. It’s not only efficient, but it makes using one as simple as “grab-and-go!”


2. Planter Caddy
Use a shoe caddy to create an herb garden. Label each specific section of the caddy with the name of an herb, and create this fun garden in your home! See instructions here.


3. Wrapping Paper Organizer
Cut the bottom two rows of pockets in a shoe caddy and store long, cylindrical objects such as gift wrap inside.


4. Snack Caddy
Rather than store shoes, store extra snacks inside. Free up a little space in your pantry by making use of the door space too.


5. Office Supplies
A hanging shoe caddy adds a lot of organization and space into a closet that is meant for office supplies. Click here to see how to create your own office closet.


6. Organize your children’s toys
Markers, paint, and other children toys can be stored efficiently in a shoe caddy.


7. Scarves, Scarves, Scarves
Organize your scarves with a shoe caddy. It’s really easy to see which scarf you need with all the options laid right in front of you!


8. Outdoor supply storage
Garden tools can easily be stored in a shoe caddy.


9. Undergarments found in one place
Store your undergarments in an easy-to-find location.


10. Go camping with it
Camping supplies are easy to reach and organize when you take a shoe caddy camping with you.


11. First-aid kit
Find all the medicine and first aid supplies you need, easily and quickly.


12. Cleaning supplies
Put your wipes, Windex, and other cleaning tools in a shoe caddy.


13. Spray paint storage
If you love spray paint, then this is perfect for you.


14. Utility closet
Instead of throwing cords and chargers together in a box where they can get tangled, store them in a shoe caddy.


15. Lego Organizer
Keep all your children’s Legos in one neat place. Now you won’t have to step on one of them by accident!


16. Create bathroom space
The bathroom sink is cluttered with many items, so create more space by hanging a shoe caddy in the bathroom.


17. Car organizer
Store extra supplies in the car with a shoe caddy. This is perfect for children’s toys and other entertainment devices.


18. Organize All Your Makeup
Hang a shoe caddy on the back of your bathroom door and use it as a hanging solutino for all your cosmetics. It can store your nail polish, various lipsticks, and more!


19. Keep Track Of Kids’ Supplies
A shoe caddy is a great way to organize your kids’ school supplies. Don’t let these supplies take over your child’s desk. Instead, give them a neat way to stash and store all their crayons, colored pencils, markers, and more.


20. Organize Your Pantry
Keep your pantry organized and orderly with a shoe caddy. This also puts a lot items easily within reach!