Couple Expects To Adopt Unborn Baby, Then Husband Gives Emotional Update About Birth Mom


Matt and Katie desperately wanted to be parents. After their long struggle to conceive a child, the Carolina couple decided to try and adopt.

Recently, Matt walked into Katie’s office with an update about their situation. The folks at Genesis Media Solutions, who were documenting the couple’s adoption journey, caught the whole thing on camera.

“She was born already,” Matt tells Katie, wiping away his tears.

“What?! She was born already?!”

That’s when Katie realized Matt just dropped a double-bombshell. Not only was their baby just born, but they found out it was a girl.

Matt had even more exciting information for his stunned wife. Baby Natalie was born in Raleigh and was going to be transported to Charlotte. The birth mother had also revoked her rights — and now all the couple had to do was wait to take her home.

“In making this film with them we really discovered the true beauty of adoption,” the filmmaker writes on YouTube. “Thanks to them for letting us come alongside them through their journey.”

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