Cop Finds Baby In Hot Car And Smashes Window, Only To Realize He’s Made A Terrible Mistake


August 2016, Lt. Jason Short received a terrifying call. Someone called 911 to report a baby trapped inside a hot car at a Walmart shopping plaza in Keene, New Hampshire.

It was a swelteringly hot day, and Short hurried to the scene. Time and time again, we’ve seen cases of children dying after being left in cars on warmer days. The worried cop knew the clock was ticking.

When Short arrived to the Walmart lot, he found the car and peeked inside — and low and behold, there was a tiny baby with a bottle, strapped into a car seat and covered with a baby blanket.

Short pulled out his baton and shattered the window, then quickly pulled the baby out to safety. However, he knew something was very wrong.

The infant appeared completely lifeless. Short tried to administer CPR, but saw no results.

He called an ambulance, then went to put his finger in the baby’s mouth to see if there was anything obstructing the airway. But all he felt was resistance.

Within seconds, Short made a heartbreaking realization, and promptly called off the ambulance.

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