Cat spotted regularly taking subway in tokyo all by himself


While Tokyo subway system is pretty huge and therefore confusing to many, but this cat here finds it a piece of cake. The smart cat has been found sitting in Seibu Ikebukuro Line very frequently. He seems to be doing that as if its no big deal. And no map needed!

People have told that they’ve been seeing this little traveler since 2013. They are not very sure if this is the same cat, but most of the people claim that it looks very similar. Passengers have also been talking about his good manners and say that the little cat always try to make himself as compact as possible apart from sometimes taking a nap just randomly which in most cases doesn’t bother anyone. Cuteness is his ticket!

“Looks like this cat is on his way home after a day of hanging out in ikebukuro,” tweeted @manpukuoya

The smart feline has been spotted taking the city’s Seibu Ikebukuro Line at least several times.

And he seems so cool about it! No map needed.

No one seems to be bothered – he has excellent subway etiquette!

Cuteness must be his ticket!