Cat Holds His Owners’ Hands One Last Time On His Way To The Vet To Get Euthanised


In a very touching photo, a cat held the hands of his owners as they drove to the vet to get him euthanised.

The picture was shared by a Reddit user and was taken during the cat’s final car ride. The 15-year-old kitty named Andrew looked to be holding his owners’ hands with his paw.

The photo was captioned with the words, “He held our hands on his last trip to the vet. Little Andrew was much stronger than his mom and I.”

The photo has since gone viral, prompting a lot of users to share their own brave and sweet stories about their pets.


In an interview, Andrew Bernhard said about his beloved cat. “He was a great guy. Always happy to see everybody, always won fights with the dog, and just wanted you around all the time. He was by my side for years, through high school, undergrad, podiatric medical school, and residency. He just finally got too weak to keep up.”

Bernhard added that he was not sure if they will be getting another cat. He mentioned that he and his wife had dogs and while he was not really a cat guy, he liked to think he was an “‘Andrew the cat’ guy.”

“Nobody will replace him,” he added.