Cat gets caught trying to steal a cinnamon bun, and his expression says it all


Meet Percy, the thief cat. He became famous after his owner posted photos of him trying to steal the cinnamon bun on social media. Sophia Lindner, Percy’s owner, says that Percy has always been very naughty: “Even though he knows the rules, he will still try to sneak around them.” The things that he claimed were: “Chocolate cupcakes, PayDay bars, popcorn, ham, chicken, beef jerky, pasta, Cheez-Its, etc.” And Percy even has some talent for his mischievous job: “He knows how to steal out of tupperware containers, cupboards, and backpacks.”

The Lindner family has a festive tradition of baking cinnamon rolls, so the cat’s owner made it clear Percy was to stay away from them. “He knows that the word ‘NO’ in a low tone means ‘don’t do whatever you’re about to do’,” Lindner said. However, rules are nothing if you’re not obeying them. Percy insisted on his crime.

Just a few second after pretending to understand the ‘no’, Percy was caught red handed trying to steal the cinnamon bun off the Christmas table. Yet, this time, we have proofs. Lindner posted his evil moment on Tweeter and it went viral. Well, now the world know about your bad deed, Percy! And that expression was hilarious!

Meet Percy the mischievous cat who tried to steal a cinnamon bun.

His owner caught him on the crime scene and kitty’s expression went viral.

“Even though he knows the rules, he will still try to sneak around them”

The Internet reacted:







Aside from small things, Percy can even steal hearts, too. His owner loves him no matter what he does.