Cat argues with the owner when she asks to follow her home


Cats are known to be independent and sometimes even arrogant animals. There are a lot of funny videos available on the internet, where cats’ owners try to prove it one more time. For example, when the owner comes home after a hard working day and the cat doesn’t pay attention to him.

This 2-minute video was uploaded on YouTube by a woman who owns a cute cat. She thought it would become a random funny video, but it became a sensation in a short period of time. More than 16 million people have already watched it, and the number continues growing rapidly.


It shows a cat who keeps arguing with the woman. In this video, you can see cat’s owner finding him somewhere near the house. And she’s asking him to follow her home, but the cat, named Kosmos, won’t listen to her. He just keeps meowing.

Quite a lot of people have commented this video. Some of them found it funny, but others claim that the cat is frightened.


It is hard to tell whose opinion is correct, but one thing is evident: The cat doesn’t want to go home and has some other plans. And he is not going to do what his owner tells him.

Some cats are really talkative and enjoy having a conversation with people. This video shows a cat, named Rocky, who is complaining about something with the owner. The woman keeps asking him different questions, and he always has an answer.

And they sound so funny! Unfortunately, we can’t understand what they mean, but his reaction is priceless! Maybe he has something important to tell, or maybe he is just bored, nobody knows!