Can You Tell How Many Watermelons Are In This Picture?


After you have spent time looking for the hidden panda on every optical illusion and solved puzzles that were totally awesome, maybe it’s about the right time to get some serious brain teasers and test how your mind works. This may seem like a random stuff, but hey, you will soon realize that solving this can actually benefit you in the future.

Look at this photo.


Yes, I know these are a bunch of cut up watermelons. And they sure are yummy (one of my diet buddies). But what I want you to tell me is that, how many watermelons are in the photo above?

This is serious. The picture looks confusing and really tricky, and suddenly, you will find that you are counting how many watermelons are there.


Well, by using my problem solving skills and a bit of research to help explain to you the correct answer, this is what I’ve got.

First off, we’ll start with the not-so-complicated counting — the watermelon halves.


If we have 4 halves, meaning to say, we got 2 whole watermelons there, correct?
Alright. With 2 watermelons now, let us proceed to the tricky part. At first glance, you will think that we have 4 watermelons left. But since a quarter of each is gone, here’s what we’re going to do: we cut them into pieces to get at the truth.


First, “cut” each watermelon into a half and put those together. Then put the rest of the quarter pieces together. By then, we get another four halves, so that’s two watermelons. And with the remaining four quarters, that’s one more watermelon.
So, how many watermelons are there? What did you get? Five? Yes! There are FIVE WATERMELONS!

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