Can You Spot An Alien In This Photo In 10 Seconds?


Recently I found this beautiful picture of old dolls while browsing the web. After a short look, I scrolled down, but the image was still processed by subconsciousness and wouldn’t go away. Something was deeply wrong with this bunch of dolls. I just couldn’t get what it was. I scrolled up and take a closer look.

After 10 seconds or so, I finally realized, there was an alien there that didn’t belong. In fact, there are two of them! Can you spot them within a short period?


Well, if you are right! There are two adorable babies hiding among the antiques. I could only see them because of “unnatural” (for a doll) face color!


Many animals rely on the art of camouflage as their major survival strategy. We, humans, can also benefit from it. And remember the key rule: the best way to hide is to hide in plain sight! However, it’s better not to leave such small infants on a shelf! The cradle or mom’s arms are much better places!