Bride plans ‘Evil’ wedding prank but groom is clueless until he cuts into their themed cake


This one’s definitely for the sports fans…

Johnny and Bekka got married in July 2018. Johnny is a huge fan of University of Alabama’s football team, but he was just about the only one at his own wedding who felt the same way. You see, Johnny and his new bride Bekka tied the knot in New Orleans, where, naturally, most people are fierce and loyal Louisiana State University fans. (And Bama and LSU are major rivals.)

The wedding went off without a hitch. Once the guests arrived at the reception, Johnny revealed his Alabama-themed groom’s cake, which had his favorite team’s logo printed right on top. He couldn’t wait to slice into his special cake and show his LSU-loving friends the layers inside, which would be red and white to represent his team’s colors. A stark contrast to LSU’s colors, which are purple and gold.

He knew the cake would annoy some of his guests, and he couldn’t wait to rub their faces in it, figuratively speaking. It was his day, after all.

Throughout the evening, Johnny kept bringing people over to the table to show off and brag about his Bama-themed confection.

Then came time for the cake cutting. All the while, Johnny kept playfully talking trash to his friends.

Little did he know, however, that his blushing bride had a trick up her sleeve…