Brazilian Bikini Model Slaps A Creepy TV Host Who Grabbed Her Butt


Women (as well as men) should be respected and treated equally. If someone says ‘no’ then it’s a no. Time and time again, we see that line being crossed, and individuals being taken advantage of. There is no time or place where someone’s wishes (regardless of gender) should be taken with a grain of salt. That’s why when a TV host on a Brazilian infomercial inappropriately touched a model, the response he got was well deserved.

As the host was applying suntan lotion to the model, his hands went astray and the model responded with a swift slap to his face. This happened on more than one occasion and it’s safe to say the physical punishment was well deserved.

Read on to find out more about this story and to see the video at the end.

The show was meant to showcase how to properly apply sunscreen, although why someone would need to be taught that is questionable at best. The TV host was a little hand-sy and over eager in his demonstration. His task was to apply lotion on a bikini model named Rayssa Teixeira Melo, who demonstrated on more than one occasion where she did not want to be touched.31

The host starts off by rubbing the lotion on Melo’s midsection. Later in the video, around the 6:30 mark,  when she turns around and he starts around her hip and thighs, his hands begin to move southward. The model quickly grabs his hand and reminds him that it’s her hips and thighs that he’s applying lotion to, not her derriere.


At first he obliges, but about a minute later, he commits the same crime and this time Melo doesn’t even give him a warning. With a resounding slap to his face, she lets it be known that she is not going to put up with it.

She is evidently upset and after other hosts and directors plead with her to come back and explain to the TV host what he did wrong (like he didn’t know) she continues the show. As they continue the demonstration of applying sunscreen, he once again tries to touch her butt and this time, she not only slaps him but throws the other bottles of lotion at him. She can be seen being separated from the host in a small scuffle and then proceeds to storm off the set. Well done Melo!


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