Boys Dress Up As Bee Gees On Your Face Sounds Familiar


Have you ever heard of the TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar?

If you’ve never heard of the program, it might be because it is an interactive reality TV show produced in Spain.

On the show, celebrities are challenged to perform as different iconic music artists every week. The artists are chosen by the show’s “Randomiser” and then each performance is judged by a panel of celebrities.


The show’s YouTube channel says:

Your Face Sounds Familiar is a show from Endemol Shine Group franchised by ABS CBN debuting its first season on March 2015.

After a successful 2 seasons of the regular edition, an all kids edition was launched in January 2017. During the run of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids, it became the number one weekend program and also made waves overseas and online due to the kid celebrities’ cute and adorable performances.


One of the acts that were recently on Your Face Sounds Familiar is the TNT Boys. And you have got to see them!

The TNT Boys are a Filipino boy band who’ve been on Your Face Sounds Familiar and Little Big Shots to perform their incredible cover songs.

The boys dressed up like the Bee Gees. They wore shiny white pants, silver metallic shirts, and even threw on some wigs (or a bald cap in one kid’s case).


Francis, Mackie, and Kiefer absolutely nailed the Bee Gees “Too Much Heaven.” Honestly, though, it might take you a minute to even pay attention to what they’re singing because you’ll be so focused on their costumes.

For this episode, not only did the boys sing, they put on a show. They donned costumes and got into character for the judges.

The video of the TNT Boys was shared on Dan Wootton’s Facebook page. Since it was posted a month ago, it has been viewed 16 million times, shared over 405,000 times, and gotten over 14,000 comments.


One Facebook user wrote:

Ok Barry Gibb step up and give these kids the notoriety they deserve,after many years of being a Bee Gees fan especially you , come on, do the Aussie thing and say that they are great for taking the initiative and following it through

While another commenter said:

Come on no matter what these children were amazing to think this up , work hard on their looks , their clothes….. give them credit for all they accomplished ……. if I was a judge I would give them 100 for everything…… give them their due


One Facebook user thinks that these kids deserve a contract:

I think these children deserve a contract somewhere they are amazing portraying the Bee Gees like that , they must have practiced a long time to be able to do this , and the clothes the hair and their faces ……… Just beautiful


What do you think of these young Bee Gees impersonators?

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