Boy From School Poured Glue On Her Hair. What She Did Next Struck Everyone!


During a break, when Hannah was walking outside of school with friends, a bully poured super glue on her hair.

Hannah had just become a freshman at high school, and the beginning of the year turned into a nightmare…


Later, the girl admitted that she immediately felt as if her head was on fire. Hannah was diagnosed with first degree burns.


After learning that his daughter was hurt, Hannah’s father was outraged by that the teachers and staff of the school didn’t take any action. The nurse didn’t provide any help. Only in the hospital, where dad took his daughter, Hannah got aid.


Hannah and her mother decided to cut her hair. That was another stressful moment for the girl as she loved her locks very much. It was hard to realize she was going to lose them for no reason.


Hannah’s mom started a Facebook page where users helped the girl deal with offenders. Strangers were willing to support Hannah, offered their assistance and shared experiences.

Hannah soon realized there were many people who experienced even worse bullying. She wasn’t alone, and her case wasn’t the worst. There were people who had been hurt even more, and their stories made Hannah want to help.


A local hair stylist contacted Hannah via Facebook and offered help with her hairstyle.

Her hair had to be shaved only on one side, so there were many options to come up with a new stylish design.


Now, Hannah can be proud of what she’s doing. She helps teens stand up for themselves, as no one deserves to be bullied. She is a real example to follow!