Boy Asks His Stepdad Three Questions, Then The Whole Room Started Crying


A boy’s birthday is a big event; like a personal Christmas, it should be the time where a birthday boy gets whatever he wants. Little 10-year-old Kalani Watson knew exactly what he wanted, and when he asked it moved his whole family to tears.

A cellphone video shot by one of the family captured his birthday wish and the video has quickly exploded all over the internet, racking up nearly 4 million views.

Watson gathered everyone around at his birthday party. He wasn’t about to blow out candles though, instead he was going to make a speech.

Trembling, paper in hand, he asked his stepdad, Brandon Williamson, 3 questions.

«Do you love me?»

«You know that,» the burly airport porter said.
«Do you love mom?»

«You know that.»

«Can you live without us?»

Williamson, perhaps feeling uncomfortable with all eyes on him instead of his stepson, just shakes his head no.

Young Watson wasn’t done yet though. He followed up his questions with his birthday wish:

«Will you do me the biggest favor in the world and adopt me?»

Williamson immediately covered his face and cried, before reaching out to envelope his stepson in a big bear hug. The boy had a further surprise in store too — he presented his stepdad with adoption papers, all ready to be filled out.
The boy had been planning the adoption proposal for months, and had initially wanted to do it on Father’s Day, but he couldn’t wait.

Williamson met Watson when he was only 2 years-old, and has been a father in all but name since that time. Williamson posted a picture of the two on his Instagram account saying:

«Yesterday for his birthday my son gave me one of the Greatest Gifts…I never used the word STEP SON, I never cared about DNA, if you know me he just been my BOY.» Williamson, who just recently lost his father, says he plans to fill out the papers at his father’s grave site, surrounded by family.

Watch the adoption proposal here: