Biker sees driver deliberately litter, drives up to her and teaches her an unforgettable lesson


We’ve all seen our streets littered with trash by people who don’t seem to really care. We’ve seen people litter even though there is a trash bin in their vicinity, but have we ever done anything about it? A majority of us probably didn’t, but there are some of us who did do something about it.

Heres a video about a biker who takes sweet revenge on people who love to litter– a vigilante you can say. A few of us might think she’s a little extreme, but i’m almost certain these people will never litter again.

In the image above, you can see a person pulling out of their parking spot. Upon doing so, they also decided that it would be okay to just toss some trash on the floor. Luckily, our vigilante was there and sent them a friendly reminder.

The biker picked up their trash, pulled up next to them, and knocked on their window. The driver then rolled down his window and this is where the biker throws his trash back into his car– a little taste of his own medicine.

In this next one, the person decides to start cleaning their car while leaving the trash on the floor. You can see a trash bin not even 5 feet away from the car, but this person couldn’t even get up to put their trash in there. Just wait until you see what the biker does.

The biker pulls up next to the person and grabs the ash tray. Not the trash this person left on the floor– the ash tray. The biker then throws the ash tray into the car and onto the person as a reminder not to be a lazy slob.

I really don’t understand why people think it’s okay to litter the streets. If you litter the streets, it’s going to make the community look bad and eventually someone else is going to clean up your mess. It’s especially baffling when people decide to litter when they are so close to a trash can. You couldn’t get out of the car real quick and put it in there?

I think this biker was done with people littering her streets and decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. A hilarious and eye opening thing to watch.

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