Before Setting Foot On An Airplane Again, You Need To Know These 13 Horrifying Secrets


Flying can be a huge hassle. From getting there two hours early to make sure you get through security, to the delays, layovers, cancellations, last-minute gate changes, and scary turbulence, taking a plane can leave you wondering why you didn’t just make it a road trip.

A lot of us may resort to taking a sleeping aid, prescribed by a doctor, of course, or maybe even hitting up the airport bar before climbing aboard. But those methods might not be the best way to enter an airplane. You may want to stock up on antibacterial wipes instead of mimosas before embarking.

Airplanes are full of germs, despite flight attendants’ best efforts to wipe everything down between flights. The fact of the matter is that hundreds of people get their germs all over the tight confines of airplanes every day. There’s no way to keep people cooped up like that without a higher risk of spreading germs.

Luckily, with a bit of knowledge, you can avoid the nasty parts of the plane, and learn some tips that will make your trip just that much better. Don’t forget to Rasplove with your friends so that they get the intel, too!

1. Skip the in-flight coffee or tea
The onboard water used to make these hot beverages could be full of bacteria. It’s much better to shell out the extra bucks for your own before boarding.

2. Don’t pop the personal space bubble
Airplanes are close enough quarters as it is. Just keep your hands, hair, feet, and all other appendages to yourself, and you’ll keep your germs contained, while also making things much more pleasant for your neighbors.

3. Be nice to your flight attendants
These men and women are on airplanes for much longer than you are, so cut them a break if it takes them a moment to fetch your water. There are dozens of other cranky customers in his or her care.
4. Skip the bubbles
It’s even more important than ever to stay hydrated on a plane, since the altitude essentially sucks out your moisture. However, the change in pressure also makes gas expand, so that yummy seltzer that makes you feel so good on the ground could leave you very, very uncomfortable in the sky.

5. Never ditch the headphones
5. Never ditch the headphones
If you forget your headphones, please, for the love of all things holy, don’t play games or watch TV on your phone for everyone to hear. Read a book or write a letter to your mother.

6. Don’t park your caboose for the entire flight
Sure, the window seat has the best view, but it makes it harder to get up and let the blood circulate in your legs. Blood clots are even more likely with the pressure and altitude, so move around as much as possible.
7. The seat pocket is basically a trash can
It seems like a handy place to put your book when you’re not reading it, or a place to stash your snacks. But, it’s also a favorite spot for used tissues and other garbage. It’s full of germs and it’s best to just not use it.

8. Bring your own pillow
Other than being infinitely more comfortable, your own pillow will not be soaked in the drool and dead skin cells of those that snoozed on the airline’s pillows before you. Gross.

9. Tray tables are germ magnets
Even if they look clean, these surfaces are covered in germs and bacteria. Bring along your own antibacterial wipes to give it a clean before you eat food off it, because the staff doesn’t have enough time to get to every nook and cranny.

10. Skip the reading material
SkyMall is full of very, um, useful and important things to buy, like this dog raincoat. But, think of all the different people who’ve put their grimy fingers on those pages. Eek.

11. Don’t settle for airplane food
Airlines often over-salt their food because the altitude, pressure, and environment confuse your tastebuds. Always eat when you’re hungry, but try to bring some healthy snacks instead of munching on the free food.

12. Try not to pick a seat near the bathroom
Other than the obvious stench, you’ll be constantly bumped by those waiting in line to take a bathroom selfie. Or, maybe, to actually use the bathroom.

13. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer at home
Moral of the story: Airplanes are steel germ traps. Nothing is safe. Bring your own antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer to do your own disinfecting.

Now that you know these 13 tips, do you think that you’ll fly differently? I had no idea about the tray tables, and I’m definitely never going to eat that rogue peanut that decided to fall off of my napkin again. Good riddance!

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