Bear Keeps Getting Into Trash Bin, So Dad Ties A Clown To The Lid And Hits Record


Bears are beautiful, intelligent, and curious animals, but you wouldn’t exactly call them refined diners.

In fact, time and time again, they get caught with their noses in trash bins. Thankfully, as in the case of a giant bear found stuffing his face with garbage at a police station, most bears are content to skedaddle when caught in the act.

In fact, one woman even managed to evict a garbage-gobbling bear with little more than a firm scolding.

But one guy in Salem, Virginia, just couldn’t seem to rid himself of a certain giant, wooly scavenger. A bear, he notes in the video below, had been dining out on his trash for weeks.

In an inspired moment, the man spotted an old Halloween doll at his local pharmacy: one of those creepy clowns that waves its arms and makes spine-tingling sounds when disturbed.

He figured strapping the spooky clown to his bin just might do the trick. Fast-forward to that fateful night, and the late-night marauder lumbers into view.

Clown: Hello, bear.

Bear: ‘Sup clown. Where’s dinner?

But when the bear tries to tip over his dinner plate, the doll loses it. And the bear loses it even more — fleeing from the scene.

Creepy Clown for the win. And even more importantly, it looks like this clown finally got a real job.

If this story made you laugh — and maybe even gave you a little respect for spooky clowns — please Rasplove it.