Baby boy starts clapping his hands, but it’s huge crowd’s «response» that quickly goes viral


Not everyone can say they have the power to «control» the actions of others. Maybe people who have been trained in the subtle art of persuasion — like secret government agents, hypnotists, or advertising executives — can lay claim to such a bold statement. Yet, the adorable 15-month-old in this video clip doesn’t have to say anything at all — he can prove his baby superpowers with just a quick flick of the wrist!


When the parents of Luke Radbill filmed their son at Camp Rockmont in North Carolina, they probably had no idea that he would soon be hypnotizing millions around the world with his cheeky shenanigans. In the video clip, the toddler is standing in the grass and waving his hands in the air like an all-mighty wizard. There’s a group of boys sitting down just a few yards away, and many more off camera that we can’t see. But, much to his delight it was the lone toddler who was at the center of attention.


Standing in front of a large crowd is the stuff of nightmares for some folks, but this cool cat knows how to control the masses. Like a skilled puppeteer, the boy led the group in fun call-and-response game. When little Luke clapped, the crowd clapped. When he waved his hands around and cheered, guess what they did! LOL, this is too cute. If you ever find yourself feeling stressed out, watching this little darling lead a crowd will put the enthusiasm back into your day! Check out the video below to see why this munchkin is destined to become a future leader.