Award-winning incredible photographs taken by the late steve irwin’s 14-year old son


Robert Clarence Irwin is the son of the legendary Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. He gained international success for his beloved TV show ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ that ran for 11 years. His passionate love for the animals and his charming and lovable personality made him an even bigger hit with the kids and parents.

His show was entertaining as well as educational. He also hosted and starred in other shows like ‘Croc Files’, ‘The Crocodile Hunter Diaries’. He appeared on all these shows with his wife and later his children. Steve had two kids, a boy by the name Robert Clarence Irwin and a daughter Bindi Sue Irwin.

1 Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was an Australian zookeeper who found his love for animals thanks to his father. His father, Bob Irwin was the one who introduced him to animals because he was a wildlife expert. Steve’s mother was a wildlife rehabilitator. Steve started handling crocodiles at the tender age of nine under his father’s supervision.


2 The father
Steve met his wife Terri Raines in 1991 and according to the Crocodile Hunter; it was love at first sight. In 1992, the couple got married and in 1998, the couple had their first child, a daughter, they named Bindi Sue Irwin. In 2003, the couple had their second child, a boy named Robert Clarence Irwin.


3 The legend

The couple spent their honeymoon trapping crocodiles and the footage was shown during the first episode of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. The show debuted in 1996 on Australian TV screens. In 1997 the show made its way to North American television. The show became a hit not only in Australia but also in the UK, US, and over 130 other countries.


4 The Crocodile Hunter
The reason for the show’s success was always given to the exuberant and enthusiastic presenting style that the show’s lead and host, Steve had. In his thick Australian accent, khaki shorts and love for all animals, the Crocodile Hunter became a household name and a hero for young children.