Autocorrect Fails: 11 Ridiculous Typos That Totally Changed The Message


When one of my best friends was nervous about her new boyfriend’s family getting together with hers for the first time, I made sure she knew she could text me at any time for emotional support. Luckily, her worries were totally unnecessary, but she did manage one blunder while relaying the information to me.

Instead of typing, “We’re all thrifting together right now,” her phone decided to change one word that made a huge difference to the whole meaning, sending, “We’re all thrusting together right now.” Needless to say, I was pretty confused over on my end before she cleared things up!

As much as we rely on the convenience of technology to help us keep in touch with our loved ones, it can often turn on us with some hilarious miscommunications.

Scroll through below to see even more knee-slapping moments of autocorrect butting in where it doesn’t belong.

Warning: Some of the typos result in colorful language or are a bit suggestive, but it’s all in good fun.

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1. Where’s Grandma?


2. Unfortunate Accident


3. Someone’s Hangry


4. The Show Must Go On


5. Bestie Or Bully?


6. The Force Is Strong With This One


7. Rough Day At The Office


8. Awkward Anatomy


9. Are We There Yet?


10. Strange Remedy


11. Mr. Roboto


Have you ever accidentally sent or received an even weirder autocorrected message before?

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