Artist paints model to blend in with nature. Do you see her.


Many artists paint on canvases, others paint on walls, but some of the most inventive choose to paint on the skin. That’s right— this art form has come a long way over the years with help, in part, from legendary body painters Léonie Gené and Jörg Düsterwald. We first introduced you to the dynamic duo a while back with this mind-bending video…
Since then, the team has been tirelessly building their portfolio in a series of nature-based shots entitled “Metamorphoses: Hidden Bodies”—and boy, if you thought it was difficult to find the model in the video, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Today, we have 21 more of these artistic visual puzzles for you to obsess over. Get out those magnifying glasses! And don’t worry— we provided some hints to help you get through the tough ones.

Gnarled roots
Hint: this creepy image contains just one camouflaged model resting in the foliage.

A moss covered stream in autumn
Hint: this ethereal shot features a model who blends right in with all of that invasive green chlorophyll.

Placid, rocky lake
Hint: this model’s body rests just above the water’s surface.

Red poppy dreams
Hint: these two models stand high above the beautiful crimson flowers.

Leafless tree on a mountaintop
Hint: though these two models may be interacting with the same object, they are hardly on the same level.

Spellbinding soil
Hint: this model is doing her best to blend in with one of the many curled formations.

Fuchsia blooms
Hint: if you need a hint for this one, it may be time to get your eyes checked!

Hidden ‘rock’ star
Hint: this lounging lady is donning a paint job akin to that of a calico cat.

Sandy dunes

Hint: this model is virtually imperceptible as she rests near the shore. The only giveaway is her hair!

Marble canyon majesty

Hint: this daredevil model is perched in quite the precarious position.

Snow-kissed fir
Hint: the artists managed to paint each and every hue from the photo’s color palette onto the model’s body.

Boulder-lined shore
Hint: this model incorporates her bulging baby bump into the shot.

Twisted roots and yellow grass
Hint: this model shows off some enviable athletic ability.

Forest blossom splendor
Hint: this particular image contains one model who is sporting a dark, monochromatic paint job.

Petrified wood in a sea of lavender
Hint: she is one of the only models in the series to be in painted with lighter colors.

A stream snakes through a valley of black rocks
Hint: this model’s cropped locks have been painted, too.

Glacial glory
Hint: this model uses her entire length to blend in with the dripping icicles.

Crooked rocks
Hint: this kneeling model strikes a solemn pose against the stunning formations.

Golden field of hay

Hint: this “curvy” model dons a golden paint job.

Water lily nymph
Hint: this model’s paint job does NOT feature any water lilies.

Tree-lined ocean path
Hint: this male model is practically embedded inside a knotted sapling.

Pretty creative stuff, huh? We’d love to hear your take on these body paint masterpieces. Were you able to spot the models in each of the photos? If so, how long did it take you to find all 21? What’s your favorite image from the set?