And When They Started The Refrain, I Was Completely Blown Away. Awesome Family Duet


Nathan and Eva Leach are brother and sister. They perform “Hero” hit right at their kitchen. A microphone on the table, a guitar in Nathan’s hands and his sister sitting in front of him on a kitchen chair – this is all the arrangements for the video performance.

At first, when you hear the first sounds, it seems like nothing special is going to happen – Nathan starts, Eva continues. They both have voices that are pleasant to the ear, but you don’t think it’s special. But it is special when they start singing the refrain. Their sounds lift off and get up high into the air. Their duet is absolutely admirable. Excellent synchronic performance by two relatives whose voices are so compatible with each other makes the song enjoyable and heartwarming. A shy beginning, vigorous continuation and amazing ending – look at what Eva does by the last part of the song. It’s cool!

These guys are really talented. They deserve the world knows them. Please, Rasplove this video with your friends.