Amazing performance: clogging champions TAP THIS!


Life is motion and all people need to move. They just need to find their own direction.

Some people believe that dancing is one of the best ways to move whatever their age is.

Today there are plenty of dance styles to everyone’s taste. If you like you can try lively and active dances, while those who prefer elegance and sensuality may choose ball dances.

Of course, not all people are quite good at dancing, but I believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Having a good motivation is important as well.

It’s tough to learn a new dance. It’s even harder to learn a new choreographed dance routine with several other people in unison.

That being said, I thought my high school show choir had quite the reputation. Then I saw Tap This! I had heard of clogging. But until I saw this Lincoln, Nebraska, group destroy the dance floor I never really had much of a vision of the dance.

And let me tell you, what Tap This! does is not only give an incredible performance, but they also obliterate any negative connotations that have ever surrounded clogging.


In fact, they’re a four-time national champion dance group. They’ve dominated the competitive clogging circuit, remaining undefeated during a four-year stretch.

And they’ve done it all with good humor.

Now they want to share their passion with the world, blending several dance forms with the percussive footwork of clogging. It’s a unique high-energy performance that leaves audiences in awe.

Tap This! is now up to 14 members. However, it’s performances like the one below that continues to make them famous.

Watch the choreographed routine to Andy Grammar’s “Honey I’m Good” that brought them the 2016 national championship title.

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