Almost Everyone Who Watches Video Agrees, He’s The Most Skilled Truck Driver In The World


Truck drivers really do deserve more respect than they get. They spend countless hours on the road and time away from their families while they deliver goods to various different destinations. Surely, it can be a lonely life, as they spend their time behind the wheel by themselves for days at a time. Not to mention the many situations that they face every time they are on the road. It is for these many reasons that truck drivers are a rare breed and they are truly dedicated and qualified for the job.

While it may be difficult for us to make the same turn we make every day without hitting the curb, truck drivers have a certain finesse about their skilled driving and ability to turn corners without error.

Recently, a very qualified truck driver for a Scottish transport company was filmed as he executed a master turn while making a sharp angle with a wind turbine blade on the trailer. As if it’s not hard enough turning such a massive vehicle, imagine turned it with an incredibly long blade attached to it. This task is certainly not for those who are hesitant and uneasy behind the wheel.

In the video below, you can see the master turn as the McFaydens truck driver completes the turn, slowly yet effortlessly. He turns the vehicle right on a bridge in the Scottish Highlands while carrying a 200-foot long wind turbine blade. Clearly, this driver is educated in truck driving because he approaches the turn slowly and confidently, with the help of only a couple assistants on the road directing him and guiding him.

The wheels on the trailer were controlled to make the turn as the driver inches onto the bridge.

CNET was so impressed with the immaculate turn that they contacted the owner of the transportation company, Charles McFayden, to find out how the driver managed to execute the very impressive turn.

Believe it or not, the driver ended up practicing the turn 198 times before he actually made the final journey.

“Coming from Campbeltown in the West Coast of Scotland, we are used to these type of roads, but for sure we only employ the best drivers around,” said McFayden, clearly proud of the driver who is the star of the video which has had 195 thousand views.

The trailer also helped with the flawless turn and a “Super Wing Carrier,” was used for the big journey. It was designed by a company based in the Netherlands known as “Nooteboom,” and this trailer is an extendible semi-trailer that is anything but conventional.

Commenters were quite impressed with the truck driver’s finesse…

“So this guy manages to turn 90 degrees hauling a 200ft turbine and I cant turn 70 degrees without hitting the curb with my small fiesta.”
This video certainly makes you appreciate all the training that truck drivers go through to transport necessities. We often take jobs like this for granted because we seldom see the behind-the-scenes work that makes their jobs so important and necessary.