Airline Announces A Fallen Hero On The Flight, Then Passengers Hear The National Anthem


To my mind, there are fewer acts of patriotism more profound than honoring the brave men and women who have lost their lives fighting for this great nation.

When members of our armed forces enlist, they do so knowing that there’s a chance they might not come home. In return, it is our duty to honor our vets in life — as in the case of Cpl. Hockenberry and his new smart home — and after they’ve passed on.

What moves me most is when everyday people take on the solemn responsibility of mourning our veterans after they’ve died, like these bikers who assembled to pay their respects to a soldier whose remains were finally returned after 65 years. But not every soldier gets that kind of heartfelt memorial.

That’s why it was so beautiful to see one airline employee take action this past week in honor of one of America’s fallen warriors. Julia Jette and her husband were preparing to board a flight from Anchorage to Seattle on Alaska Airlines, when one of the company’s customer service reps took to the intercom.

The employee, Denise Snow, announced that the ashes of a 21-year veteran of the forces would be sharing the flight. Then, she asked permission from the passengers to send him off in a truly beautiful fashion.

Julia, who posted the footage on Facebook later, notes in her post that she was, “fighting back tears.”

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