After Guests Check Out, Here’s What Hotels Really Do With The Used Soap


Seasoned travelers know that teeny bars of soap are one of the «perks» that will be waiting for them once they check into their hotel. In a pinch, these mini toiletries come in pretty handy, especially if you forgot to pack your favorite body wash!
But, do you know what happens to that spent bar of soap once you check out of your room? You might actually be surprised to learn where that hotel soap actually ends up.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about dirty coffee pots and ice buckets that the maids never clean. Well, the maids won’t clean the soap either, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get «recycled.»
Here’s exactly what usually happens to that half-used bar of soap that you left in the shower. First, the maid enters and heads to the bathroom. Once she spots that soap, she grabs it.

What she does with it depends on which hotel chain you’re staying at. Shawn Seipler, a CEO and frequent traveler, was curious about what happened to all the soap that he left in his wake.
Normally, used soap is thrown out. But those brand new bars of soap can be tossed out, too!

Shawn was horrified when he found out about all the waste and vowed to do something about it. I had no idea… Is this even possible?
Turns out it is. That’s where Clean the World comes into play.

Clean the World intends to change history by highlighting and improving hygiene opportunities for children and families globally.
The organization’s innovative approach toward saving soap and other bottled hotel amenities has made a huge difference in people’s lives. In fact, Clean the World has actually saved lives by helping stop the spread of preventable diseases.

Watch the video below to find out where all that hotel soap goes! It will «melt» your heart.