After 77 Years Together 100-Year-Old Grandpa Holds The Hand Of His Dying Wife With Amazing Love


There are many fairy tales where “they got married, lived happily, and died at the same day”. Actually, it is not only a fairy tale for some people.

They say that spending many years together people intertwine on a special level. It is hard to explain with words, but there is a link between souls that forms when people spend decade after decade together. It might be the reason why some people actually die roughly at the same time, sometimes even actually at the same day. They just can’t allow anything to separate them after being “one” for such a long time.

See the pictures and learn more about inseparable souls.

This is an incredible picture of an elderly man and woman who hold hands across two beds. The picture was posted by anonymous lady claiming to be their granddaughter.

She wrote that her grandpa was 100, and her grandma was 96, and the picture was made hours before her death. They have spent 77 years together, and it is hard to imagine how he could let her go. Such a beautiful love story happened not on a TV screen, but in reality.


We hope that this centenarian can find strength to live many more years. It is likely that he will be thinking about joining his beloved wife once again. But who knows… Some couples that spend decades together just can’t be separated on Earth, so after one passing out the second follows almost right away.


There is even a special name for this phenomenon – broken heart syndrome.

It is a medical condition of extreme stress and grief after losing a beloved person that cause physical symptoms. Sometimes they can even be caused by having a loved one in a grave medical danger. This kind of stress isn’t just mental, especially for older people.


There is a famous and touching story of Jim and Cindy Minnini. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his wife was so exhausted that she suffered a heart attack. First, they were hospitalized separately. But Jim made some arrangements for them to stay at the same hospital room to be able to hold his beloved wife’s hard at the final moment of life.


Such stories are sad, but at the same time they bring us hope. Hope that there is something so strong that even old age and death cannot scare or destroy it.

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