Abandoned sick puppy depressed at shelter, then she recognizes the firefighter that saved her life


A neglected puppy has a new leash on life after being rescued by a firefighter who found her shivering in the rain during a fire call in Sacramento, Fla.

A three-month old pup was tied to a pole when Mike Thawley of Engine No. 14 spotted her. She had swollen legs and barely any fur on her body, which was covered in scabs.

When he and his crew finished their job, Mike returned to the spot where he saw the puppy. He waited to see if anyone would claim the animal, but it soon became apparent that she was abandoned.That’s when he made a decision that likely saved her life.


Mike wrapped the baby pit bull in a blanket and took her back to the fire station. He gave her a warm bath, and he and his fellow firefighters named her Chunk.

Because she had such a severe case of mange, they brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter to receive medical attention.


The next day, Mike visited the shelter to check on Chunk, and the puppy’s reaction was incredible. She immediately recognized her rescuer when he opened her cage.

Chunk wagged her tail and cuddled the man who took her away from horrific living conditions. She also gave him lots of kisses.

Chunk was given a round of antibiotics and around-the-clock care so she could heal. When she was strong enough to stay with a foster family, Mike stepped up to the job.


Mike, his wife Carla, and their three teenagers immediately bonded with the puppy, despite having two other dogs at home. It didn’t take them long to decide that they wanted Chunk to be a permanent member of their family. He told the Sacramento Bee,

«We all just kind of fell in love with her.»
Less than four months after Mike found the sad, sickly puppy stranded in the rain, they officially signed adoption papers to make Chunk one of their own.

Each year, approximately 11,000 stray, sick or injured animals are deposited at the Front Street Animal Shelter. Chunk was one of the lucky ones who found her forever family.


Watch their story in the video below:

Puppy adopted by the firefighter who rescued her!Firefighter Thawley found Chunk tied to a tree in the rain. She had lost almost all her fur to mange, and needed time to heal. Firefighter Thawley convinced his family to foster her, and now that she’s recovered, he’s officially made her a permanent member of the family. Congratulations Chunk! Sacramento Fire Department

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter — City of Sacramento on Freitag, 3. Februar 2017