A Man Saw A Car Of A Kidnapper With An Abducted Child Inside, What He Did Next Is Amazing!


Stephen was driving to his doctor when he saw a black car with a child inside. He couldn’t believe his eyes because he’d heard of it earlier this morning via AMBER Alert (Child Abduction Emergency system of the US). The man decided to change his route and called police immediately.


As Stephen was chasing the kidnapper, he tried to spot his plates. When the plates were confirmed by an operator, he continued pursuing the black car. A two-year toddler waved to him, and he felt he was doing the right thing. In some 20 minutes, the law enforcement arrived and arrested the criminal.


It was Tyler Enix, the man suspected of killing his ex-wife. Along with him was his daughter Brooklynne Emerie Enix, whom he abducted. Now the man will be trialed, and the girl will return to what’s left of her family. If it weren’t for Stephen, God only knows what would happen to the poor child. It’s great that there are a system and the people ready to help.