A Huge Iceberg Appeared On The Canadian Coast, And It’s Bigger Than The One Which Sunk The Titanic!


The small town of Ferryland, on the coast of Newfoundland, in Canada, has become a big tourist attraction after a huge iceberg came close to the shores of the village.


The huge piece of ice is over 160 feet and is 50 feet bigger than the iceberg which sunk the legendary Titanic in 1912.

It is thought that this iceberg is the biggest ever witnessed in Ferryland and although it’s common for many icebergs pass through the area, never before had one remained beached for so long.


Many tourists have arrived in the area to photograph the iceberg, which has brought great economic benefits to the community.


More than 616 icebergs have approached the shores of Ferryland so far this year, which is surprising, since in 2016 there were only 687 throughout the whole year. Many believe that global warming has a lot to do with it, given that huge chunks of ice are breaking off from Greenland. Although this reason is very sad, we can’t deny the majestic character of icebergs, their enormous size is fascinating.