A Dog Waited For 6 Days While The Owner Was Having A Surgery At The Hospital


A 2-year-old Japanese Akita Inu, whose name is Maya, spent over six days outside a hospital in Spain waiting for her owner. Sandra Iniesta, the owner, had an emergency surgery on appendicitis. This girl and her dog spend tons of time together, and it’s not the first time Maya has to stay at the door to wait. But the waiting time was never that long!

Sandra’s father tried to take Maya home several times, but it was pointless. The dog never wanted to leave, and was very insistent. However, 22-year-old Sandra was not surprised to find out that her little friend was waiting for her patiently. That’s exactly what real friends are supposed to do, right?

So Maya waited outside, and the hospital stuff took care of her while she was staying there. The dog became a celebrity for her unbelievable loyalty.


It is not the first story about the loyalty that dogs show, but each time it gives us a strong feeling. When they say that dog is a man’s best friend, they sure don’t lie!