A Boy Born With No Brain Shocked The Doctors! This Is What He Looks Like Being Five Years Old


In 2012, a jaw-dropping news spread over the UK and went viral in social media — a baby boy was born with only 2% of his brain!

During the pregnancy of his mother, the doctors highly recommended abortion in order to prevent the suffering of both the boy and his parents. Surprisingly, little Noah survived his birth, and despite having several horrible-sounding diagnoses like spina bifida and hydrocephalus, his life went on.

No one could ever expect what happened in some time — although it may sound unbelievable, the baby’s brain began to grow!


The photos clearly demonstrate that this wonderful boy can now smile and communicate with his family — love, faith and support mean a lot in our life!


The doctors keep observing Noah’s progress and admit that it is a unique case: miracles do happen. A touching BBC documentary about Noah’s life has completely proven it.