A bowling ball-sized tumor was bulging out of the man’s neck. The doctor cut him open with a scalpel and couldn’t believe her eyes.


Warning: This video contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

There isn’t much that Dr. Sandra Lee hasn’t seen during her career as a dermatologist. But recently even she was astounded by what she experienced with one patient who showed up at her practice with a bowling ball-sized bulge on the back of his neck. It turned out to be a fatty tumor and Dr. Lee set to work with her scalpel. At 2:20 she finally gets to the source of the problem and it is quite a sight. This is definitely not for the faint of heart…

The doctor wasn’t able to get the lump out in one go and had to remove it piece by piece with her fingers. The operation lasted an excruciating 45 minutes! But in the end it was worth the pain and effort. The man’s neck looks almost as good as new…


The patient has since contacted Dr. Lee to thank her and let her know that he’s fully recovered. He sometimes misses his built-in head cushion, but he’s also relieved to have his body back to normal.