9 Common Foods That You Should Stop Consuming to Save the Planet


Stop before it’s too late!

You are sitting at home, eating your favourite food, watching TV, totally unaware of the fact that what you are eating could be the reason for the destruction of our environment. It could be the reason for many animals to lose their habitats.

Are you as sad as I was when I came to know about it myself? Well, this is true. There are foods that we could be eating which could destroy our planet.



This fruit is found in tropical forests, and to get to them, one has to clear the thick vegetation which leads to deforestation.



The sudden growth in the production of soybean has led to the destruction of rain-forests and Savannah.



Yes, you read that right. Although it is the staple food of Indians, it is soon turning into a nightmare. To grow rice, it takes a lot of freshwater and to think of the people suffering from the lack of good drinking water.



Farmers use net cages to catch fish where farm waste and parasites are released into the water bodies thereby harming the marine life. So, indirectly we are destroying the planet.



Production of Coffee involves a lot of chemicals and fertilisers nowadays. What used to be an eco-friendly process has turned into a dangerous one to meet the ever-growing want of people.



Did you know sugar mills produce an immense amount of waste which is directed towards water bodies? The waste sucks all the oxygen present, damaging all the organisms present in it.



It takes 1.1 gallons of water just to make one almond. I mean if I sit down to do the Math, I would probably end up disoriented.

Palm Oil


Even though palm oil is good for health, it also leads to the destruction of rainforests on a large scale. There are so many packaged products who use palm oil thereby increasing the production of oil.

Dairy Products


To generate dairy products, dairy farms are set up which leave behind a carbon footprint. The process is even harsh on animals. It involves a lot of torture and ill-treatment.
Fast Food


It not only does make a person depressed but also involves a lot of plastic, styrofoam, etc., in its packaging and even encourages greenhouse gases.