8-Year-Old Sings Impromptu Adele Hit At Walmart – Her Perfect Vocals Go Viral With 3 Millions Views


Good music can stop us in our tracks no matter how old we are.
Although our tastes may differ, everyone knows that unique feeling of being stuck in place when our favorite song comes on—and then we have to sing along or dance! Needless to say, our love for music usually comes on early. If we’re even luckier, we may also be talented musicians ourselves. As life shows us time and time again, incredible undiscovered talent is all around us wherever we go.

That’s why one video of a singing eight-year-old girl has gone viral recently.

Many of us probably remember Adele’s runaway hit “Rolling in the Deep.”
The song was a worldwide hit for its powerful vocals, soulful delivery and passionate lyrics. Adele has gone out to further success and has established herself as one of the greatest living vocalists of our time. She has also spawned many young imitators, one of whom is the adorable girl in this video with an incredible set of pipes.

As the video starts, the woman filming asks the little girl to sing—and she’s off!

Although she’s only eight years old, young Kelsi Kee clearly has a bright musical future ahead of her.
Even if she’s just a little camera shy, Kee gives an impressive performance. Aside from her great voice, it’s easy to see why this video has grown so popular recently. Nobody expects to hear such a developed voice come out of such a little person—and on top of that, few people expect to come across such raw talent while they’re shopping at Walmart!

If this video is any indicator, we can expect big things from Kee in the future.

Above all, this clip is a reminder that music connects us all—and that the world around us is full of surprises.
When we step out into the world to do our errands, we rarely expect to come across something that will affect our day or even change our lives. By remaining open to the possibilities the world has to offer, we can experience more spontaneity and talent like the performance shown in this video. For those who were fans of this video, be sure to check out Kee’s YouTube channel for more covers and to follow her musical evolution.

Here’s to a successful musical career in the future, Kelsi!

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