8 gross things your body does which are actually signs of good health


Your body has different ways of tackling an issue or signaling good or bad health. Be it good health or a serious issue, your body starts to give in signals which one should observe carefully. And there are a few signs which gross us out, but in reality is a sign that our body is healthy and functioning smoothly.

Frequent bowel movements, excess sweat are some of the indications that the body is trying to fix an issue. However, if these symptoms last longer then consult a medical professional.

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Your body has an effective defense and alert mechanism that gives you signs of either impaired or proper functioning of the body and it would help to know and understand these distinctive signals. So, here are a few unexpected things your body does, which are a bit gross, but are indicators of good health.

1. Large bowel movements
There are days when you go to the bathroom and experience a proper evacuation and emptiness in your stomach. Well, this can be considered as a sign of good health. If you experience large bowel movements, minus food particles your body is signaling a good and healthy digestive system. In addition, they are a good sign if they happen at the same time every day.

2. Going to the bathroom several times
In addition to large bowel movements going to the bathroom several times a day is shocking, but a good sign. The general perception is that going to the bathroom more than once a day is not a good sign but that’s not the case. It is shocking that we need to poop almost two to three times a day or after every meal. Well, the emphasis is not on what you are eating, but it is supposed to trigger the digestive systems peristalsis movement to evacuate what you had eaten approximately 12 hours prior.

It is extremely difficult to find a person who is constipated, yet healthy. Your body needs to get the waste out of your body. The more efficiently and effectively you do that the healthier you are. Considering all the dietary, activity and age factors if you find that the number of poop sessions has come down to three per week, then it is a sign of constipation. Visit the doctor if you find difficulty when you pass bowel in this situation.

3. Producing too much earwax


Well, everyone has been a victim of earwax and the only difference is the degree or rather the amount, that decides whether our body is functioning right or not. Cerumen, most commonly known as earwax is produced from the specialized glands of the body with the purpose of lubricating and protecting the inner walls of the ear canal.

Additionally, it has antimicrobial properties to save the body from infections and this secretion serves as a protective sound barrier for the eardrum. It is generally advised to clear the wax with a cotton swab, but a wiser thing to do would be to let them fall out through natural processes.

4. Fluid excretion
It may be alarming that your body produces cervical fluid almost all day, but it is a sign of good health. It is useful in a variety of ways primarily when you are trying to conceive. It varies in color and texture, but in an idealistic situation, it is white like that of a raw egg, slippery, clear, and stringy.

This fluid serves the purpose of guiding the sperm in the right direction if you are trying to get pregnant. A change in color is a sign of infection or a hormonal change and if you notice a change in texture you need to consult a doctor.

5. Passing Gas
Passing gas is generally considered to be embarrassing, but it is completely natural and a healthy thing to do. It is also a good thing to do for your gut health. Eating prebiotic fibers and they pass undigested into your large intestine because the good gut bacteria use this prebiotics as food to multiply themselves and produce wind or gas.

This is a process that makes you pass gas after a few hours of eating your food and after you drink carbonated drinks as your body is finding a passage to expel these gasses from your body. Other health problem symptoms accompany gas then you might have digestion issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome or food intolerance.


6. Eyes moving when you sleep
Who doesn’t love to enjoy a good 6-7 hours sleep and get up all refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning? It might be absurd, but your eyes move and roll when you are asleep.

If you get quality sleep for a good amount of time then you will experience a good or rather considerable amount of REM (rapid eye movement) in the night. During REM, your eyes will dart back and forth.

This might be visible if you look at someone in deep sleep and it would have freaked you out because it is creepy looking. Well, obviously you would not feel the eye movement and you would feel tired in the morning if you have not reached the deep stage of sleep.
7. Forming thick foot calluses
If the bottom of your feet has thick calluses it is a sign that your feet are healthy and you have good blood circulation. It also protects the bottom of your feet from injury because the human being tends to run barefoot. You should leave your calluses just like the earwax, get a comfortable amount removed and leave the rest intact to serve its purpose.

8. Flaking and shedding skin
Skin shedding can be annoying because of the dry patches, but it is a natural process that sheds the dry skin. The shedding of the dry skin is the body’s mechanism to keep your skin vibrant and remove the old stuff. Soaps, washcloth, and sponges remove dry skin without you noticing it, but there are areas where not much attention is given, they would generally have more than usual amounts of skin to shed.

These are a few body excretions that indicate a good health and these might seem odd and absurd or even a little gross, but they are healthy. Your body excretes and emits these things as a method to combat or protect, which is an indication of proper body functionality.

Well, despite them being healthy you need to inform and consult your doctor about these odd things if some of the symptoms prolong for too long.

Disclaimer: This article does not give any medical diagnosis or advice. Please consult a medical professional if you experience these symptoms frequently or unnaturally.