7 tips to help you cope with depression


There is no fixed method to cure depression but there are tips that would help maintain a steady mind while allowing you to cope up.


There is a baseline of melancholic feeling, which governs your action to a huge extent. There are different forms of depression, like seasonal depression, incidental depression or it can also be a genetic disorder. Getting past depression is hard and it dwelling in it for a while would develop emotions of rage, gloominess, and self-pity.


There is no fixed method to cure depression, but there are tips that would help you maintain a steady mind and not hamper your daily functionality entirely. Similarly, there are no attributes attached to a happy person and make a checklist that sets certain conditions for you to be a happy person. Depression can be mentally and physically challenging, so, here are tips to help you cope up with depression.


1. Know that you are not a lone-soldier
Well, you might presume that you are fighting the battle alone, but there are many suffering from depression and living in a silent legion is not going to help better the situation. You might encounter people advice claiming that they are happy people and listen to their solipsism’s and judgments that you are not trying enough.


A solution to this problem is that you need to try to as vocal as you can about what you are going through and remember that there are people who are depressed, who were depressed and who haven’t been hit with depression yet. Knowing that you are not the only one can reduce the pressure of being different or an odd member of the crowd.


2. Understand that antidepressants are not the complete cure

You need to understand the fact that antidepressants are useful to an extent since they steady your brain and give you room to contemplate over ways to cure yourself. You need to find your own path to cure depression and just consuming anti-depressants would lead to an addiction to the drugs restricting you from attaining a stable mind without them. You need to consult a doctor and find a path that is suitable for you.

3. Find or rediscover a long-lost hobby
Creativity can be a bright-side to depression, which can be utilized because it has a therapeutic essence. You could try different things and pick from a multitude of options that would help you to clear your thoughts. Writing and painting are considered to be great tools to help you cope up with depression.


So, pick up that paintbrush, pen, guitar, or anything that calms you, which would serve as an antidepressant to an extent. You pick up a previous hobby or sign up for something that you always wanted, which would help you break out of your shell and blossom.


4. Eat right!
Eating right is essential to prevent other diseases from infecting your body. You might have different phases of varying diets or reach a point where you do not want to eat at all. So, deciding on what you would like to eat and having regular small meals can help navigate through depression with steady health and bodily functions.


Consuming excessive sugar and boosting your sugar levels would give you a temporary satisfaction, but make things worse in the long-run. In addition to eating right, you need to re-examine you body condition by getting a blood test done. You might have a Vitamin D or B12 deficiency and you can repair the situation before it gets out of hand.


5. Meditate and introspect
During depression, you might not be able to clear your head, but that is essentially the point, for you to recognize those feelings and thoughts by acknowledging them. Focusing on your breath and going into a Zen mode would essentially reboot your mind and give you the capacity to handle the situation better.


Another method is to focus on your breathing. This particular exercise helps you to relax and also rejuvenates you. Also, in a situation where you cannot meditate, look out a window, observe and find something pretty, interesting outside and focus on it.


6. Make life changes
Your external environment plays a vital role in the state of mind you are in, but making amends to your life can help make you feel confident and help repair your mental sanity. While it seems like an umpteen task, take a little time and start dressing up.


Another amend that you can bring is the change in the books and TV shows you watch, cause watching or reading a highly emotional or romantic show would not benefit you in any way, but switching to something light and funny is the emotion that you need to help you get through a difficult phase.


7. Exercise
Depression can make you a couch-potato, but doing simple exercise can help clear your mind and also distract you for a bit. Do not directly jump into strength and weight training, but take baby steps like jogging around or taking the stairs once in a while, which would keep you in shape and also make you feel confident about yourself.


Well, there a plethora of ways to cure depression and this list will not cure you or turn on a happy switch making all the problems go away. You need to find what is applicable to you and benefits you. There most definitely is not any method, which is “one-size-fits-all” or a miraculous cure. It is all about taking care of yourself, one step at a time.


Disclaimer: This article does not give any health advice. If you are suffering from depression please consult a medical professional.