7+ things that happen to your body when you stop eating sugar


Everyone loves to grab a doughnut on occasion, eat a bowl of ice cream or indulge in some dessert. Most people don’t think twice about the amount of refined sugar they are taking in and don’t want to give up their tasty treats. If you could improve your quality of life by cutting back on sugar, would you do it?
Natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables aren’t the body’s nemesis; refined sugars are. Check out these 7+ ways you can help your body simply by cutting back on your sugar.

  1. Eliminate mood swings. According to Prevention, by cutting sugar out of your diet or drastically reducing your intake, you may be able to stabilize your mood. Sugar, once it drops out of your system, causes you to crash and is responsible for making some people irritable and anxious.
  2. Sleep better. When the body isn’t crashing because of a drop in sugar, Men’s Health shares that you will actually sleep better and at the appropriate time.
  3. Have more energy. Lots of people consume sugar because they know they’ll get instant energy as the sugar is quickly metabolized. Best Health Guide reminds you, though, that just as quickly as the energy comes, it crashes, and you feel even worse.
  4. Clear your thinking. Prevention reports that studies show too much sugar can inhibit your brain cell’s ability to communicate. By cutting back on sugar, you may find that your thinking is clearer and not fog-filled.
  5. Improve your heart’s health. Men’s Health shares that sugar triggers insulin in the blood stream. High amounts of insulin translate into higher blood pressure and an increased heart rate. By cutting sugar, you will «see a 10 percent decrease in LDL cholesterol and a 20 to 30 percent decrease in triglycerides.»
  6. Loose weight. Dropping weight may seem impossible because, Best Health Guide shares, consuming sugar causes insulin to increase. The increase in insulin can cause stubborn belly fat or make it impossible to lose the last little bit of weight.
  7.  Reduce the risk of diabetes. If diabetes runs in the family, one of the best ways to reduce your risk of developing it is to cut back on your sugar intake, says Best Health Guide.
  8. Reduce acne breakouts. Sugar causes acne? According to Men’s Health, sugar is «inflammatory» and may be the source of your acne woes. Try cutting it out for several weeks and see if your acne clears.
  9. Younger-looking skin. Health reports that sugar interferes with repairing damaged collagen, causing your skin to have more lines and wrinkles.
  10. Improve your oral health. By cutting back or removing sugar, Best Health Guide states, you reduce the food plaque love to eat, and results in better oral hygiene.
    Giving up sugar may seem like torture, but the benefits you gain may well be worth the sacrifice.