7 signs which show that you have a long-standing chemistry with your partner


A relationship entails emotional, intellectual and physical compatibility, which is a result of a long-standing chemistry that you share with your partner.

We fall for the wrong person several times before we finally settle down with the ‘one’. However, sometimes many of us find it difficult to determine whether your current partner is the one for you or not. Every person has different preferences and expectations from their partner. But understanding those choices and working through is one of the factors in which your relationship can last longer.


A long-standing chemistry always leads to a healthy relationship (Pexels)
Before deliberating about the duration of the relationship and compatibility you need to examine the chemistry the two of you share and there are a few indicators that would help figure the nature of chemistry you share with your partner. This does not limit your scope to the soul-mate concept, but any relationship that has a probability of being long-term.


Deliberating over the compatibility and chemistry between you and your partner (Pexels)
This could also help gauge the compatibility in the relationship, which is an essential component in maintaining the long-term chemistry. You need to analyze emotional, intellectual, and physical compatibility, which could give an insight regarding the chemistry the two of you share. So, here are signs to show that you have a long-standing chemistry with your partner.


Understanding each other’s preferences helps develop a long0standing chemistry (Pexels)
1. Both of you have the similar outlook and attitude towards things
Sharing a positive attitude takes the relationship a long way and sharing your genuine thoughts about a relationship helps in taking the relationship a long way. This helps both of you to establish a comfort level and you feel safe to share your thoughts and opinions as well.


Having a positive attitude is an obvious sign of good chemistry (Pixabay)
In addition, if the two have attitudes that counteracts the negative attitude, then there would be fewer conflicts in the relationship. Being positive, supporting each other and celebrating your partners’ achievements is an obvious sign that the two of you share a long-standing chemistry.


Having opposite attitudes can help a relationship flourish (Pixabay)

2. Similar call and texting preferences

Having the same texting preferences (Pixabay)
Communication is important in every relationship, but calling and texting preferences should be discussed beforehand. Your partner might keep texts and calls short and meaningful, but you might be an intensive texter. This might pose problems in the future. This could create a disconnect between the two of you and lead you to feel dissatisfied with the relationship. To ensure great longstanding chemistry it is imperative to have similar texting preferences, or understanding each other’s preferences.

3. Similar social media preferences
In addition, to the texting preferences social media usage patterns also play a major role in knowing a person. If your partner is an avid user and you are not this can create a void, since you would want to enjoy the moment with your partner, but he/she wants to capture the moment on the screen.


Differing patterns of using social media can cause differences (Pixabay)
This could enrage you or your partner making them frustrated and dissatisfied in the relationship. On the other hand, having the same social media usage patterns, it would help the two of you to enjoy the moment or capture it on your phones based on your preferences. This would help to know each other better.


Having the same social media preferences is a sign of a long-standing chemistry (Pixabay)

4. Same preferences for intimacy
Proximity and intimacy are essential in a relationship and having the same preferences for intimacy can help the two to be on the same page. Activities like cuddling, holding hands, should be done taking into consideration what both the partners prefers and enjoys the most.


The same preferences for intimacy is a sign for long-standing chemistry (Pixabay)
Having different preferences can lead you to be an unhappy couple bringing unnecessary tension between the two of you. Sharing the same intimacy preferences would retain the chemistry and lead to couple satisfaction, which would lead to a long-standing relationship.


The same preferences for intimacy is a sign for long-standing chemistry (Pixabay)

5. Have a dialogue rather than hiding your feelings
Communication is the most essential part in a relationship and being able to speak your mind in a relationship is a sign of good chemistry between the two. There would be instances where it would lead to arguments with your partner, but it reflects the level of understanding and comfort level to share your feelings.


Establishing a comfort zone to share your feelings (Pexels)
Withholding your feelings and abiding by the old proverb “forgive and forget” can lead to suppressed feelings of resentment, which could come up in the future. So, being comfortable to share your feelings without the fear of your partner’s reaction is a good sign of long-standing chemistry in the relationship.


supporting each other to share their feeling (Pexels)
6. Different spending habits

Having differing spending patterns (Pexels)
It is stereotypical for couples to fight over finances, but contrasting spending patterns can be a good indicator of long-standing chemistry in the relationship. For instance, if your partner is a spendthrift and you are not then it is always better to speak up about preferences. This sounds like a perfect ying-yang combination, which creates balance in the relationship. In addition, the two of you should prioritize the major spending’s like, buying a house, car, insurance et al.

7. Either a homebody or a party animal
This correlates with the personality of the partners and their preferences to either party or stay and relax at home. There would definitely be a conflict of interest if two people with contrasting personality types were together, which would lead to arguments and the end of the relationship. Preference to go out should match between two people who are in a relationship.


Homebodies as a couple (Pexels)
In addition to the out-going preferences, alcohol intake is also a factor that needs to be similar in a relationship. If your partner drinks a lot and you are sober this could obviously lead to relationship issues. But, people who have the same drinking patterns are more compatible than who do not.


Having the same drinking preferences (Pexels)
Sharing a good chemistry with someone would definitely lead to a healthy relationship and the two of you would share sweet memories even if you are apart. These are a few of the indicators that show that you share good chemistry with your partner, which helps you deliberate over the duration of the relationship and compatibility with your partner.