7 Reasons Why Watching Sad Movies Can Be Healthy


Nobody wants to cry, but after a good, cathartic session, don’t you always feel so much better? Crying is nothing to be ashamed of, since there are actually lots of health benefits! Read on to find out.

1. A Release
Before you cry, your sympathetic nervous system is triggered, which will slow your heart, your breathing, and let your body relax. If you fight the urge to cry, this negative energy inside you will feel trapped and make you anxious. Let it out and feel renewed after!

2. Vulnerability
This is especially important for the men out there. Although it feels scary, letting yourself be vulnerable to others around you can be an incredibly positive experience. Let people console you and you will form a deeper bond with them. Crying is a humbling thing, and showing that you’re not perfect all the time is actually a great thing for your character.

3. Health Benefits
Did you know that your body produces different tears that have unique chemical compositions? The chemicals inside tears that are a response to something entering your eye are much more different from crying tears. Crying tears are filled with pain killers, bonding hormones, and relaxation aids. Crying also releases stress hormones in your body, and this is shown to boost your immune system.

4. Bravery
Society may tell you that crying makes you weak, but it’s the exact opposite. Anyone who is strong enough to cry in front of others and face their problems head-on is someone to admire. It’s easy to shut off your emotions. It takes great strength to be in tune with your body and mind.

5. You Help Others
Letting others see you vulnerable makes them more likely to feel comfortable crying in front of others later. Do your friends a favor and show them that it’s okay to cry because they will always have a strong support system to wipe their tears.

6. Men Can Fight The Patriarchy
The patriarchy isn’t only hurting women! Toxic masculinity is a dangerous thing that leads to higher levels of depression in men because they aren’t coping with their emotions. Be a man a cry! It doesn’t make you look weak or feminine.

7. You Are Valuable
People go through awful things on the daily. If you need a good cry to regroup and find the strength to continue fighting through whatever battle you’re in, then do it without shame. Don’t feel like you’re a mess, because you never are.

Let all your friends know that they can cry in front of you! Maybe plan on watching Titanic for your next movie date.