7 reasons to befriend a Gemini


Ever had the chance to befriend a Gemini? If so then you’ll understand why Gemini’s are everyone’s best friends.


1) Geminis Are Smart
Gemini is an air sign, and air signs are the most intelligent signs in the zodiac. If you are ever in a sticky situation, your Gemini friend will be able to use their intelligence to think of a solution. They are extremely witty and resourceful and have a knack for problem-solving. If you ever need help with a problem, Gemini can figure it out for you.

2) Geminis Never Run Out Of Things To Talk About
Geminis love to talk. They can spend hours debating over anything you feel like discussing. Conversation is never dull when you have a Gemini in your life. You won’t have to worry about awkward periods of silence with a Gemini around.

3) Geminis Are Friendly
Geminis are happy-go-lucky people who thrive on interacting with crowds. They like to socialize and build relationships with a variety of different types of people. They have a friendly demeanor and never meet a stranger.

4) Geminis Are Loyal
Not only are Geminis friendly, but they form relationships that last. They tend to keep their friends around for a lifetime. This sign is known for seeking out meaningful relationships with people and staying friends for the long haul.

5) Geminis Are Fun
Geminis are never boring. In fact, they are always the life of the party. With a Gemini in your life, there will never be a dull moment. Geminis can’t stand to be bored and will come up with wacky ways to keep themselves and others entertained at all times. Spontaneity is something Geminis are known for.

6) Geminis Give Great Advice
Because Geminis are intellectual and good listeners, they tend to give great advice. They’re always willing to lend an ear and listen to problems and help devise a logical solution. Their keen ability to solve problems definitely comes in handy when a friend is in need.

7) Geminis Are Objective
Geminis tend to be very objectionable and see all sides of the issue. They tend to have a useful perspective on situations and use objective reasoning in their personal relationships instead of emotions. Geminis will weigh all sides of a situation before coming up with a logical solution to any problem.

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