7 pretty neat science experiments that you can do with Borax


There is no question that borax is a strong chemical compound. It is used for various reasons in the home from cleaning toilets and tubs to unclogging drains and removing rust. Because borax has a lot of different uses, it makes it a very interesting substance to experiment with.
Below, you will find 7 very interesting and neat science experiments that use borax. Make sure you are safe when using this powder, but you can be sure you will have a lot of fun!

1. Borax crystal star 
This is an amazing experiment that has dual purposes. One, you can learn about how using borax and a few other objects can create amazing crystals and how those chemicals and ingredients work together to make crystals. Two, this can be a great arts and crafts experiment that you can do to decorate your home or during the holidays. No matter the reason you choose, this experiment is great because it leaves you with applied knowledge and a beautiful piece of art.

2. Personal bouncing ball 
One of the best toys ever made for a kid is a bouncing ball. Now, thanks to WhizKidScience you can create your own bouncing ball(s). Once you watch the video and see how the process is done, you can make your own bouncing ball and add your own personal flair to the ball.

3. Green fire experiment 
Anytime you are dealing with fire, you have to make sure to use the utmost caution, especially when you are using a chemical compound like borax. With all of that in place, this is one of the coolest experiments you may ever try. After watching this video you will have learned how to make green fire indoors. Pay very close attention to the procedures of this experiment and then give it a try for yourself!

4. Original slime experiment 
Making slime with borax and glue is the original way slime was created. This young girl did not create slime, but she does the experiment perfectly. Watch the video, and you will see how to make the perfect slime using borax and glue.

5. Salt slime vs Borax slime experiment 
In the above experiment, you made or attempted to make borax slime. Now you will put that slime to the text versus salt slime. This experiment shows which ingredients make a better slime, salt or borax. The person in the video creates the slimes right next to each other, but you can give yourself some space for this experiment.

6. Cleaner experiment 
After watching this video it may feel like you are spending your day cleaning, and not experimenting but you actually are. Remember, science is everywhere and in this video, you will see how she uses these mini science experiments throughout the day to help her with various simple cleaning tasks.

7. Eggshell crystals (borax vs. alum) experiment 
In this video, the experimenter attempts to use alum and borax to create the eggshell crystals. Watch the video and see which substance works the best to make the crystals, and then try it for yourself.