7 Major Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail


You should never give up on your love.

It’s not easy to be in a long-distance relationship. It tests you every moment. In most of the cases, it doesn’t work out. Maybe that’s why the common notion people have about such relationships is that they fail.

While different people quit long-distance relationships for various reasons, a lot of it depends on the attraction between the partners. It takes courage and unconditional trust to make it work. Through this listicle, we will try to understand the common mistakes that people make in a long-distance relationship and how can they make it work.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that long-distance relationships are hard to manage.


And that’s why it is not surprising when we learn that it didn’t work out between a couple who was in a long-distance relationship.

But if try, then we can find out exactly where it went wrong.


There’s a long list of silly mistakes that couples make intentionally or unintentionally and it causes them to lose the test of physical separation.
Lack of trust is one the most cruel evil.


Trust in a relationship is as essential as water in life. Without trust, no relationship would run smoothly. And when it comes to long-distance, the trust becomes an even more important factor. You don’t get to see them all the time, so you have to be brave enough to trust them.


This one word has ruined more relationships than anything. It requires a great deal of patience and integrity to not cheat on your partner even when you know they won’t find out. And believe it or not, truth always finds it way to the seeker.
Distance leads to frustration and it could lead to fights.


But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on someone. Solve the misunderstandings, explain things and bring everything back on track. You may have to do it repeatedly, without complaining if you want to keep that spark alive.
Avoiding the discussions.


In the end, blaming everything on the distance would not work. If you do not solve the petty issues today, they might grow in your heart. Eventually, it bursts out someday and ruins everything.

Not thinking about the future together.


When you plan your future together, you get the courage to hold on even when it hurts a bit. Because you start to live in the distance to see the day when both of you will finally be together, doing everything as you planned.

Another significant reason why it doesn’t work out, nothing to talk about.


After hours of late night calls for months and months, there comes a time when both of you have nothing to talk about. Soon you start to get bored with the person and the relationship loses its charm.

Different time zones.


If both of you are in the same country, then you can fight the odds, but what if one person moves out of the nation to an entirely different time zone? It requires huge sacrifices to tackle this situation.
And then comes the rarely fulfilled demand… «I wish you were here…»


If both the people in a relationship are mature enough to understand each other and respect their priorities, they could be together and survive the long distance despite all the challenges.

If not teleport, at least telephone.


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