6 Weeks After Their Wedding, Her Husband Disappeared Without A Trace. 70 Years Later She Found Out The Truth


This love story began back in 1944 when 22-year-old Billie met Peggy from Vernon, Texas. Soon they became a husband and wife, but they didn’t have an opportunity to enjoy their marriage because Billie was sent to Europe to fight in the WWII.

That day was the last day Peggy ever saw or heard of him, until…seven decades later.


Peggie’s beloved husband never returned from Europe. Moreover, he went missing days after arriving to his airforce base. Billie’s death has never been confirmed, so the woman kept living hoping the love of her life was still out there alive.


Seventy years later, when one of Peggy’s relatives was going through Billie’s military records, the truth came out. Billie’s plane was shot down; it crashed near Les Ventes town. Peggy’s husband died a hero.

According to the residents of Les Ventes, the heroic man did everything possible to avoid the tragedy; he was afraid the plane would crush down on the houses and kill people.

For a small town of Les Ventes, Billy Harrison was more than a hero — he was a symbol of selflessness and sacrifice. The main street was named in his honor, and every year on the Victory Day the march is held on it. Billy’s grave is filled with flowers to this day. A simple American pilot has become a hero for the citizens of this small French settlement and was posthumously awarded a medal for courage and bravery. This was the reason.


According to the residents of Les Ventes, the heroic man did everything possible to avoid tragedy; he was afraid the plane would fall somewhere in the town and kill people.


The locals named a street after the brave soldier, Billie D. Harris.


Peggy never remarried, never moved on, she’s been waiting for her love to come back home all her life.

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