6 character traits of individuals who prefer solitude


The world in which we live is full of people, each of which has his own unique values, habits, convictions and personal qualities. There are many people who like to be in the spotlight. Also, there are those who prefer to solitude.

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There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about such people. Some take their calm for shyness, others for insecurity. They think that the lack of this confidence does not allow such people to be themselves, to open up, to communicate freely with others and to join the society.

However, such perceptions are no more than ordinary stereotypes, which are very far from the truth. These singles are called introverts and they have great power, confidence and understanding of themselves. They know what they want in life, and do not want to waste themselves on something wrong.

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Psychologists list following features of such persons:

#1. They respect reasonable boundaries. Those who love and appreciate loneliness sensibly appraise the roles that others play in their lives, but they also understand that there must be clear and healthy boundaries both for the protection of themselves and for others.

#2. They are very loyal. Simply because someone prefers to remain alone, this does not mean that they do not have friends or do not appreciate them. In fact, they are, as a rule, more selective in the choice of their friends and their environment. They let in their lives only those people who are highly valued.


#3. They have an open mind and wide horizon. They are open to communication. They do not have a very limited mind and a closed way of life, single people are open to everything new. In fact, they are interested in a new experience and choose any method to see the world, to study another culture.


#4. They are balanced. Due to their awareness and ability to focus, these people are exactly those whom you want to see side by side, especially in difficult life moments. Instead of being nervous, screaming or tensing, they look at the situation happening calmly, rationally, in a balanced manner and sensibly, they can carefully weigh all the pros and cons, and therefore quickly find an effective solution to the problem and the way out from any situation.

#5. They have an incredibly developed sense of self-awareness. Many people allow bad thoughts to master their minds. In addition, they are very dependent on the opinions of surrounding people, allowing them to impose their thoughts on other people’s minds. People who prefer solitude are not the same.

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#6. They know how to value their time. These people understand the true value of time, the main asset of our lives, which many do not see. They not only appreciate their time, they respect and appreciate the time of others. They are never late, so as not to make others also lose their precious time.

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