50 Ways To Organize Your Backyard And Make Your Neighborhood Jealous


Summer is here, which means your family and friends will be spending a lot of time in the backyard. This is a part of your property that can easily get messy, especially since there is such a wide range of activities available to you in the open space behind your house. Make your home the envy of everyone who looks at it with a few simple tricks. Here are 50 ways to organize your backyard and make your neighbors jealous.

1) Outdoor Storage Bench
This bench doubles as a storage box – perfect for holding all your belongings. The bench is like the storage box’s clever disguise; no one will ever know that it is stuffed with objects. To learn how to make one, follow this tutorial.


2) Covered Parking Garage
If your kids love to be outside, they probably have dozens of bikes, scooters, and other wheeled toys. Make your kids their own covered parking garage to keep their toys safe from the elements. Bonus: they won’t be scattered across your yard anymore.


3) Garden Hose Stand
Garden hoses can get quite ugly if they are left untamed. This stand makes the perfect spot to hang your hose neatly and out of the way. You can learn how to make it here.


4) Planters As Towel Storage
This makes a convenient place for your guests to grab towels from, so no one will run through your house dripping wet. It also prevents towels from spreading out around your yard.


5) Rack For Toy Storage
Having a storage rack is a genius idea to keep your kids’ stuff organized. Label several medium-sized buckets so that your kids can easily organize their toys. Then place the buckets on a storage rack.


6) Outdoor Feet Washing Station
You definitely don’t want dirty foot prints all the way down the hall. This feet washing station will encourage your children and guests to wash their feet off before going inside. It is the perfect way to stop the mess before it happens.


7) Cinder Block Potting Bench
This bench helps you keep all your gardening supplies in one place. The cinder blocks make the perfect foundation, and the whole thing is pretty easy to put together. Learn how to make it here.


8) Upcycled Door Shed
Instead of throwing your old doors away, find a new purpose for them. This little shed made of upcycled doors is functional and pretty cool looking. To make your own, follow this tutorial.


9) Towel Drying Rack
No one likes grabbing a towel only to find that it is still damp. This towel drying rack is the perfect tool to complete your summer. Follow this guide to learn how to make your own.


10) Pallet Pool Storage Station
Pallets are good for so many things. Use one to make a storage station for your pool. All your supplies will be in one place, and the set up will look amazing.


11) Crate Towel Storage
Store your towels like a hotel with this crate storage unit. Now you will never run out of towels again. You can even make a separate space for used towels.


12) Pool Float Storage
Pool floats need to be kept in one spot; otherwise, when it is windy they will blow EVERYWHERE. Keep your floats contained with this DIY storage unit. Grab some PVC pipes and check out this tutorial.


13) Hidden Bike Storage Rack
Stash your bikes where no one can see them for even more security. This bike rack is the perfect place to store your bike in secret. Learn how to make it here.


14) Firewood Holder Shack
Bonfires are one of the best parts of summer. Keep your firewood handy with this adorable storage shack. It will make your back yard look so organized.


15) Planter With Storage
Glam up your storage unit by placing a planter on top. It will be cute and functional, all at once. To make your own, follow this tutorial.


16) Grill Set Holder
This holder is the perfect place to store your grilling tools. Bring a touch of the kitchen out to the back yard with this stylish little craft. Plus, now you won’t misplace any of your tools.


17) Lawn Tool Storage
Is there anything pallets can’t do? Store your lawn tools in one place with this great storage space. You can even paint it to match your house or backyard theme.


18) Beach Towel Rack
This rack is so cute, and it can fit just about anywhere. Repurpose an old hat rack into the perfect summer home accessory. Now your towels will always have the perfect place to go.


19) Terracotta Pot
This adorable table doubles as a storage spot. Keep your belongings tucked away without anyone ever knowing. To make your own, follow this tutorial.


20) DIY Ladder Shelf
This shelf can be anything, from a plant stand to a toy holder and more. Paint it the way you like it and use it however you wish. Find out how to make it here.


21) DIY Gardening Center
Once again, pallets come to the rescue! This space will help you keep your gardening tools organized. Now instead of searching for your shovel, you can get right down into the dirt.


22) DIY Wood And Steel Console
This console looks stylish and sleek, and it is the fraction of the price of a console found in stores. The wheels on the bottom make it super mobile, and it can be used for anything you want.


23) DIY Crate Bookshelf
These crates are fit together in a unique and mesmerizing way. Make a bookshelf from simple crates, and you will save a ton of money while putting your heart into something you care about. Learn how to make it here.


24) Crate Storage Table
Yes, another table that functions as a storage unit. With so many options here, you’ll be sure to find the perfect table for your back yard. This crate table looks rustic but chic.


25) DIY Rolling Storage Cart
This looks like something your kids would love. It is nowhere near as easy as the other projects, but it is definitely worth it. To make your own, follow this tutorial.


26) Porch Planters
Repurpose your old set of drawers into an elegant decoration for your back yard. They make the perfect planters. With a little painting and repairing, you can really do wonders here.


27) DIY Cedar Flower Box With Garden Hose Storage
Cedar wood is the best. This flower box is the perfect way to store your hose so that you don’t even have to look at it when it’s not in use. Your back yard will look absolutely stunning.


28) Outdoor Storage Baskets
There are never enough ways to keep your kids’ toys organized. These baskets can be attached to the fence, and they make the perfect place for your kids to stow their toys. Find out more here.


29) Outdoor Toy Caddies
These caddies are too cute. They can hang on the wall for easy access, and they will make organization a lot more fun.


30) Toy Parking Lot
You don’t have to build a separate garage in order for your kids to park their bikes. Instead, use duct tape to make a parking lot for their scooters and other mobile toys. They will fell like adults every time they park.


31) Large Toy Storage Bins
Sometimes the best way to go is with a big bin. This bin on Amazon will provide plenty of space for all your kids’ toys. You could even get a separate one for pool toys.


32) Pool Ball And Storage Organizer
This is the perfect spot for balls, pool noodles, and other toys that are easily displaced. Keep all the fun in one place, and when your kids are ready they can take out all the toys. You can even make a game of putting everything back away after.


33) All Access Toy Storage
This storage option is great for sports equipment, especially for balls. Keep everything together, or sort the toys out according to their games. The best part is you can see into the case before you open it.


34) DIY Pool Towel And Toy Racks
Make your own racks so that you can customize them to fit your needs. Whether you have more towels or toys, this craft will be perfect for your back yard. What are you waiting for?


35) Ball Storage Garage Organizer
If your kids are athletic, you probably have dozens of balls that need to be stashed away somewhere. This organizer is the perfect place to put every last soccer and basketball. Besides, your garage will look better than ever.


36) Wicker Basket Storage
This wicker basket makes a great container for any little tool or gadget you might need. You can hang it on your deck or in your garden. No matter where you put it, it will look great.


37) DIY Bolt Hangers
There is always something you can hang. It gets your tools off the ground, and it keeps them all in one location. Follow this tutorial to use your bolt hangers effectively.


38) DIY Outdoor Storage Bench
This bench is easy to make, it is is excellent for keeping your back yard organized. Use your artistry skills to make it look amazing. The best part is that it’s big enough to store almost anything.


39) Garden Tool Storage Shed
This wooden shed will store your garden tools in style. Its rustic feel will go great with any house. Your neighbors will be seriously jealous.


40) Easy DIY Tool Shed
Sheds are the way to go. They organize your tools while protecting them from the elements and from burglars. Learn how to make this shed here.


41) Farmhouse Inspired Garden Hose Holder
This is a super easy way to keep your garden hose under control. Simply wrap it around and stick it in the bucket. It will be easy to grab whenever you need it again.


42) Garbage Can Storage Area
Garbage cans are not the prettiest part of the house, but there is still something you can do to make them look more organized. Make a little storage area to designate where your garbage can goes. Your back yard will look much more polished.


43) Upcycled Mailbox Garden Tool Holder
This idea is just too cute. Instead of getting rid of your old mailbox, repurpose it into a garden tool holder. Stick it in your garden to make your gardening super convenient.


44) PVC Pipe Tool Storage
The great thing about crafting is you can get creative with it. Using a single PVC pipe, you can create an entire storage area for your tools. To find out more, follow this tutorial.


45) Repurposed Pallet Outdoor Coffee Table
Pallets might be ugly at first, but with paint and creativity you can turn them into whatever you want. This outdoor coffee table is elegant and unique. It even provides a little extra storage space.


46) DIY Outdoor Storage Table
This table is perfect for storing extra outdoor sofa cushions. Keep them safe when you are not entertaining, and break them out when you have guests over. Follow this link to make your own.


47) DIY Outdoor Storage Locker
This space might be a little smaller than a shed, but it is just as effective at getting the job done. Plus, it won’t block out your view of the nature behind it. Follow this tutorial to build yours.


48) Padded Outdoor Storage Bench
This bench provides all the same storage as your typical storage bench, but it has the added bonus of being padded on top. Now the seat can be comfier than ever. A cute cushion can really change the look of the back yard.


49) Rake Head Tool Holder
This tool holder will look nifty up on the walls. Repurpose your old rake to hold your other, still functional tools. Click here to learn how.


50) DIY Potting Bench With Storage
Get a little more out of your potting bench by having it double as a storage space. You can keep all your potting supplies together, making your back yard look much more organized. To build your own bench follow this tutorial.