5 Exercises To Tighten And Tone That Pesky Chin Area


Is there a natural way to get rid of double chin? Actually there is! Do not rush with making appointments at plastic surgeons. We have found 5 simple exercises that will help you get rid of double chin completely or at least lessen it!

These 5 easy exercises can be done practically anywhere!
1. The ladle

Let‘s start with this simple exercise.

Open your mouth wide
Bend your lower lip inward
Close your mouth as you pull your jaw forward
Every move you make should be slow, make your chin muscles work. Take a minute break to relax muscles before the next exercise.

2. Kissing ceiling

You do not need to stand on a chair and literally kiss the ceiling, but the moves are quite similar.

Tilt your head upward
Extend your lips into a kissing motion
This exercise makes your neck muscles work and it‘s pretty simple.

3. Touch the nose

Stick out your tongue
Try to touch your nose with it
If you place your hand under your chin, you‘ll feel muscles extend and flatten. This exercise, as you may have noticed, effective in extending the chin muscles.

4. Resistance

This exercise you can do practically anywhere.

Make two fists and place them under your chin
Push your chin down on your fists for 5 seconds
Why this exercise is effective? Well, such kind of resistance will reduce the appearence of double chin.

5. The perfect oval

And final exercise is effective not only in getting rid of double chin, but also trains your face to be more oval.
All you have to do is to follow these steps:

Turn your head to one side and thrust your jaw forward
Hold for a few moments
Turn your head to the other side and thrust your jaw forward
Again hold for a few moments
Do not wait longer! Start trainings right away, watch the video for guidence!

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